Sunday, 1 March 2015

Consider the dunnock...

A couple of days ago I was lying in bed, trying to wake up, when I heard an unfamiliar birdsong. It was quite a high-pitched babbling sound, not exactly melodious but cheery nonetheless.

I thought nothing more of it until this morning when I heard it again - I grabbed my binoculars and found it in my back garden - yes, it was a dunnock.

I am no birder, but I always thought of the dunnock as a skulking bird, living in the shadows and generally not making much fuss about life (although I do recall studying their breeding strategies at uni - much promiscuity!). However, it appears that, during the breeding season (pretty much upon us), they get a bit cocky and males start singing from the tops of bushes and trees.

So now I know I have a dunnock in my garden - exciting for me (when you consider the hideousness of my garden, pre-October work party), what next?

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