Saturday, 14 May 2016

More bluebells!

Despite things taking a while to get going this year, the flowers are certainly making up for it by flowering for an extra-long time.

Last Sunday we made our way to Bentley Wood - scene of much getting-lost in the past! This time, in the baking heat (hotter than Ibiza!), we pottered on a vague quest to find bluebells. It's a much trickier place to find them than, say, Garston Wood, due to the mosaic of conifer plantation, native woodland and grassland, all crossed with numerous tracks and paths,

We did locate some along old boundary earth banks, among the ancient hazels and oaks, but not the great swathes we know exist here. Looping around, and with not a soul encountered on our delightful walk amidst much birdsong, we did come across some pockets, beautifully lit by the afternoon sun in among the beeches.

We successfully retraced our steps back to the car (yes!) and even the drive home along the country lanes was accompanied by drifts of bluebells on the ancient verges - once again, so so lucky to live in this country!

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