Saturday, 12 November 2016

Back to Bentley

It seems I just can't stay away from the place! This time, I met friends at the West Tytherley car park on the opposite side of the wood.

It was a beautiful morning, with the low autumn sun casting bright highlights on the beech trunks. There were plenty of leaves to kick about, and the chilly wind added to them - it certainly feels like winter is just around the corner now.

Still lots of fungi around, mingling with the warm colours of the leaves. We also watched as a large herd of fallow deer - including at least one stag - crossed in front of us. Such is the size of the place, that they just melted into the vast expanse of trees and the tranquility was restored.

Every time I go to Bentley Wood I'm astonished at the size and variety of the site, and heartened by the number of people that take the time to enjoy and explore this valuable resource on their doorstep.

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