Saturday, 29 July 2017

In the tropics?

Last weekend was one of torrential deluges and steamy humidity. And to go with these tropical/monsoon-like conditions, I ventured into Grovely Wood with a friend.

Hardly a tropical rainforest I know, as it's a mixture of commercially-harvested conifer plantation and pockets of ancient woodland. However, in one of the many woodland rides, prior to the deluge that was to follow and soak us through, we encountered some silver-washed fritillaries.

These beautiful butterflies specialise in woodland clearings, basking in the sun and feeding on the flowers blooming. Their enormous, bright orange forms, swiftly flitting through the sunlight, is reminiscent of a butterfly house.

sadly, the experience wasn't to last - we left the ride and the rain started and never stopped. Not even the tall, stately beeches lining the main drive could hold back the torrent.

Oh well - such is the British summer!

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