Friday, 23 March 2018

It's supposed to be spring

Just when we thought winter was properly behind us - with the first signs of spring flowers on their way - then another icy blast hits us. We ventured out into the Arctic wastes to Old Sarum, for expected snowy views.

It seemed that this time the snow had clung to vegetation, rather than forming big drifts on the ground. The beautiful forms of snow on branches and ivy were as if someone had been busy with the paintbrush in this starkly monochrome world.

Life appeared to be carrying on as normal - after all, if you've started to build your nest, or are already incubating eggs, you're a bit committed at that point. So the swan couple feeding peacefully on the river as we passed were oblivious to the white landscape around them.

Reaching the hillfort itself, the snow-clad bushes were alive with birdsong, taking shelter from the exposed ramparts. We were able to watch a treecreeper jerking along branches, searching for tasty invertebrates - an unusual site and a first for us.

Ascending the slippery slopes to the top of the hillfort, the wind was biting, so we didn't hang around and quickly looped back around to return home.

Snow is beautiful, but I wonder what the repercussions will be for our birds this year.

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