Sunday, 25 January 2015

No birds:(

Just a quick post to update you all following the Big Garden Birdwatch run by the RSPB.

So, no birds sighted for me - a shame, but not entirely unexpected. My garden is shared with the ground floor flat below, and until relatively recently, we hasn't done anything with it. It's smallish but a blank canvas really. the only trouble is it is on a very steep slope towards the flats, and surrounded on all sides by other houses, gardens and tall hedges. The catalyst for change came late last year, when the neighbours finally removed the hideous Leylandii hedge that had blocked out all sun to it. Suddenly, there was a new lease of life and things actually started growing!

I organised a garden work party with my friends, which also included kind donations of plants. We dug two flower beds, trimmed back the hedge and generally tidied up (but not in a death-to-all-wildlife kind of way!).

Things have yet to start growing properly, and therefore be discovered by the birds. So, I'm hoping that this year's Birdwatch will act as a baseline to measure the effectiveness of the garden renovations - here's to next year and many flocks of birds descending on the garden (and that the many cats in the neighbourhood don't stake it out for lunch).

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