Saturday, 17 January 2015

Waiting for Spring to spring

Yesterday, whilst emptying the compost, I noticed my raspberry cane had the first leaves unfurling - this is despite the cold snap. I always find winter drags on a bit, and look forward to spring, with all that new life. of course, mostly it's not 'new' just life that has woken up!

Last Sunday's walk was in a very windy Grovely Woods near Wilton - Wikipedia says it is one of the largest woodlands in southern Wiltshire, but what I love about it is the feeling that you are walking where others have walked for centuries. There are signs of this everywhere - great beech avenues, smaller droveways, tumuli on patches of relict chalk grassland, old mile stones. And of course, there's the wildlife - not much to see at this time of year, so instead I marvel at the magnificent trees (mostly beech in among the conifer plantations that sadly spoil some areas) and their bright mossy plumage. Come spring, there are carpets of bluebells and other wildflowers, which always amazes me, when you consider how bare it all looks at the moment.

Recently, a change in my job means I am not going to get out and about as much as I have been used to, making weekends even more important to stretch the legs (put the new walking boots to the test), and take in the landscape. So, time to plan for tomorrow!

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